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          雙語有聲閱讀 | 你在忽略那些小想法嗎?

          2019-08-29 09:16:32  每日學英語

          Are You Ignoring That Little Thought?




          What happened to that brilliant idea that you once had? Did you ignore it because you thought that it was just a little thought?


          Have you ever considered what that little thought would have become if you had acted on your instincts or if you had paid more attention to it?


          Imagine a scenario, where you are sitting at home watching television or reading a book, suddenly a light bulb is turned on in the dark tunnel of your mind as a thought or an idea crosses your mind. The thought catches your attention but seems so meaningless and you are tempted to discard it, but wait a minute!


          That thought could be the potential beginning of the success you have so much yearned for. As the thought crosses your mind, your senses become alert and you suddenly see a possibility, a realization, a solution, a conclusion, or find the answer to a problem whose solution has long eluded(躲避) you.


          It is almost as if a divine being has whispered the perfect solution into your ear or awakened your senses to a reality thereby bringing illumination to your life. It is like finding the last piece of a jigsaw(拼圖玩具) puzzle.


          This becomes an AHA moment and everything freezes around you as you excitedly try to grasp the practicality of that little but powerful thought.


          Your self-confidence and enthusiasm increase as you become conscious of the great possibilities that can arise if that little thought is acted upon. This becomes the moment to build upon that thought and to write down any ideas that are streaming from that little thought for later review.


          Seemingly meaningless little thoughts or ideas when acted upon have a potential to explode into great projects.


          Many successful projects have been born from the little positive thoughts that were carefully nurtured(培養) and recognized as tickets to great things.


          You may have heard people say many times that it just came to me in a flash. In a flash moment, a small idea or seemingly meaningless thought may cross your mind about something you have been planning to accomplish.


          Don’t waste an opportunity to act on a potentially brilliant idea. You don’t have to wait for a major idea, a master strategy, or approval from your peers in order for you to act on that little thought.


          That little thought or idea is the beginning of great things if you decide to follow it through.