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          Mrs. Brown is forty-two years old, and has two sons and one daughter, Alice. Mrs. Brown gets up earlier than any other member of her family. She is very busy every day. She is a good cook. Alice sometimes helps her mother with the cooking.


          Yesterday was Sunday. Because there was no school, I went to a movie with three of my friends. It was raining, so we took our umbrellas. There were many people on the train.

          The movie began at two o’clock. We liked it very much. We enjoyed the movie for two hours. After the movie, we went to a coffee shop. My friends drank coffee, but I drank tea. It was a good day.


          Every Saturday, John goes to the store with his mother. They get on the bus at 9:00 in the morning. The trip doesn’t take long and they reach the store at 9:30.

          John’ s mother buys meat and vegetables. John looks at the magazines. He wants to buy candy, but he has no money. Sometimes John’ s mother buys him candy. They leave the store at 11:30.


          Mr. Brown often goes to the park with his family on Sundays. He goes with his wife, son, and two daughters. They get on the train after lunch and ride for an hour to the park. They usually leave the park at dinner time.

          At the park, they walk together and look at the trees. Mr. Brown’ s daughters often read books. Sometimes, Mr. Brown and his son, Peter, play catch. They have a good time at the park.




          Linda comes home at eight o’clock. She is surprised to find the front gate is open. When she gets into the kitchen, she notices that the gas oven is missing and a lamp has been knocked over. You can tell what must have happened to the gas oven and what Linda should do about it.


          Mr. White owns a bar in New York. He likes children. He has two children himself. But he thinks that children should not come into his bar. In New York, children under eighteen can not drink alcohol and they can’ t go into bars. In Mr. White’ s bar, there is a sign over the bar. It says: Anyone under eighteen is prohibited from drinking. It’ s the law of New York.


          Whenever I have a meeting, Mary is always the first person that I’ d like to invite. She is a talkative lady. This is the reason why I want her to come to the meeting. She will be able to make my other guests laugh. She doesn’t get any angry even if someone tries to make fun of her. She can also discuss almost anything you can think of.


          Anna was five years old. Her mother took her to the biggest shop in town. Anna found a beautiful doll in one of the show windows, and looked at it for a few minutes. When she looked around, she could not find her mother. She was very young, but she did not cry. She saw a policeman in the street, and went to him. She asked, “Have you seen a lady without a small girl?” “Yes, I have,” answered the policeman. Anna said with a smile, “I am the small girl. Where is the lady?”




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