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          Even with the stick,I've got to remain focused on where I'm standing. 即使手持長棍 我仍要時刻警惕自己所處的位置

          You can't take your eyes off these snakes for a moment. 你的視線一刻也不能離開這些毒蛇

          They can strike up to 2/3 of their own body length. 它們能咬到自身長度三分之二的地方

          Pinning it down immobilizes the snake just enough for me to risk getting in close.Okay. 把它按在地上 叫它沒法動 這樣我就可以冒險接近它了 好了

          And the only way to be really sure is to have its head off. 唯一萬無一失的辦法 就是將它的頭給割下來

          Even though I know I've decapitated it,I always double-check. 即便是我已將它斬首 但我還是得再檢查下

          And even after he's dead,you got to be careful. 就算它已經死了 你還是應該多加小心

          The head can still inject you,and that's what you do not want going into your bloodstream. 它鋒利的毒牙依舊能注射毒素 你肯定不希望看到 毒素被注入自己體內吧

          It doesn't matter how many times you deal with snakes, 不管你有多少次對付毒蛇的經驗

          you wouldn't be human if your heart wasn't racing 當你在對付像這樣的致命對手時

          when you're dealing with one that's as lethal as this. 你很難不會心跳加速

          It's good practice to bury the head of a venomous snake before you leave. 在你離開之前 把毒蛇的頭深埋土中也是個不錯的選擇

          On high ground like this,aiming for a distant landmark, 走在這樣的高地上 眼睛一定要鎖定遠方的地標

          it's pretty straightforward to stay on course 'cause you've got line of sight to follow. 這樣你就不太容易會走彎路 因為一路上有不少地標供你參考

          When you start to then dip into this sort of lower ground,it's much harder to maintain your direction. 但如果你走在這些地勢較低的地方 要想不走彎路就要難多了

          A good technique is just to look at the shadow--look at the angle your shadow's causing on your body and then just maintain that and follow it. 但有一個好辦法 就是看著你的影子 時刻注意觀察身子和影子所成的夾角 一路上一直要保持同樣的夾角大小

          But bear in mind,that's only really good over short distances 'cause, obviously, your shadow's gonna move about 15 degrees every hour. 但是需要牢記的是 這種方法只在短距離行走中才可行 原因很簡單 因為你的影子會隨著時間 每小時移動十五度的樣子

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