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          BreakingNews·190906 - Deepfake應用程序可以讓你的臉出現在著名的電影場景中

          所屬教程:Breaking News 邊聽邊練 2019




          A new online technique called deepfake is causing people to be worried about more fake news and other things that can mislead people. The word "deepfake" is a combination of "deep learning" (which is an important part of artificial intelligence) and "fake" (which means not real). Deepfake software allows people to replace part of a picture or video with another picture or video image. The result is a fake video. The software means you can put your face over the face of a talking president or movie star. This process will make your face speak in the voice of that president or movie star. Many people are worried the technology will be used during national elections. Deepfake videos could be used to trick voters.

          一種叫做deepfake的網絡新技術讓人們擔心更多的假新聞和其他可能誤導人們的事情。“deep fake”一詞是“深度學習”(這是人工智能的重要組成部分)和“fake”(意思是不真實)的組合。DeepFake軟件允許人們用另一張圖片或視頻圖像替換圖片或視頻的一部分。結果是一段假視頻。這個軟件意味著你可以把你的臉貼在一個會說話的總統或電影明星的臉上。這個過程會讓你的臉像總統或電影明星那樣說話。許多人擔心這項技術將在全國選舉中使用。深度假視頻可以用來欺騙選民。

          A new deepfake app has gone viral in China. It lets users of the app put their face over the top of actors in scenes from movies or TV shows. The app is called Zao. It went to number one on the Chinese iOS App Store chart in just a few days after its release. A Twitter user has achieved a little fame by posting the Zao videos of himself in famous TV and movie scenes. His videos show that he really looks like the main actor in the movies The Hulk, Titanic, and in the TV fantasy drama Game of Thrones. It takes just eight seconds to do this. The Zao app is currently only available for people with a Chinese phone number. It cannot be downloaded from app stores in the USA or Europe.


          內容來自 聽力課堂網:http://www.ly011.com/show-10195-456637-1.html

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