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          課本中不會教你的762 “打電話”的多種說法






          762 “打電話”的多種說法

          ① “打電話給某人”有下列表示法:

          call sb.

          call sb. up(美語)

          ring sb. up

          give sb. a telephone call

          make a telephone call to sb.

          telephone/phone sb.

          make/give a telephone call to sb.

          She made/gave Professor Wang a phone call. 她給王教授打了電話。

          He has just rung up a doctor. 他剛給醫生打了電話。

          I rang my mother just now. 我剛給母親打了電話。

          This morning he telephoned his son in Paris by distance. 他今天上午給在巴黎的兒子打了長途電話。

          He asked me to give/make a phone call to Mr. Smith. 他要我給史密斯先生打電話。

          If you have any questions,please phone me. 如果有什么問題,請給我打電話。

          ② “打電話找某人”有下列表示法:

          There was a telephone call for her. 有她的電話。

          I would like to speak to Miss Mary. 我找瑪麗小姐講話。

          May/Could I speak to Mr. Wang?我找王先生講話。

          ③ “詢問對方”有下列表示法:

          Who is it?誰呀?(哪位?)

          Who's that (speaking)?您是誰?

          Is it Wang Lin?你是王林嗎?(不說Are you Wang Lin?)

          Is that Tom (speaking)?你是湯姆嗎?

          Am I speaking to Mr. Brown?你就是布朗先生嗎?

          ④ “接電話”有下列表示法:

          I'll get it!我來接電話!

          I'll answer it!我來接電話!

          Mother,you're wanted on the phone. 媽媽,有您的電話。

          Professor Zhang,a phone call for you. 張教授,請接電話。

          If nobody answers the phone at home,call me up in the office. 如果家里沒人接電話,請打到辦公室找我。(不用receive the phone)

          She called the director to the telephone.她叫董事長接電話。

          ⑤ “請對方等一下”有下列表示法:

          Just a minute/moment. 稍等一下。

          Hold on,please. 請等一下。

          ⑥ “回電話”用call sb. back。

          Please ask Li Ming to call me back when he comes home. 請讓李明回到家時給我回個電話。

          ⑦ “撥……號”用dial。

          In case of emergency,dial 110. 如遇緊急情況,請撥110。

          In case of fire,please dial 119. 如遇火警,請撥119。

          ⑧ “用電話”要說成by telephone或by phone。

          He informed us of the news by telephone. 他打電話告訴我們那個消息的。

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