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          2019-10-18英語說話力 327 You are mean. 你真壞!

          327 You are mean. 你真壞!示例A:You are mean!B:Ha-ha. I promise this is the first time and also the last.A:你... [查看全文]

          2019-10-18英語說話力 326 You are a nerd. 你是個書呆子。

          326 You are a nerd. 你是個書呆子。示例A:We are only good friends.B:You are a nerd.A:我們只是好朋友。B:真是個書呆子... [查看全文]

          2019-10-18英語說話力 325 You are going too far. 你扯得太遠了。

          325 You are going too far. 你扯得太遠了。示例A:You are going too far.B:No, I don't think so. This is very real... [查看全文]

          2019-10-17英語說話力 324 Year in, year out. 年復一年。

          324 Year in, year out. 年復一年。示例A:Day in, day out.B:Year in, year out.A:日復一日。B:年復一年。A:How long ha... [查看全文]

          2019-10-17英語說話力 323 Whoa! 哇!

          323 Whoa! 哇!示例A:Whoa!B:Can you stop repeating that?A:哇!B:你能不能別總是“哇”啊?A:Whoa, it's romantic!B:Naive!A:哇,真浪漫!B:幼稚!常用英語口語 [查看全文]

          2019-10-17英語說話力 322 Wouldn't I know? 我會不知道嗎?

          322 Wouldn't I know? 我會不知道嗎?示例A:Wouldn't I know? You didn't mean it.B:Thank you for your understanding.A... [查看全文]

          2019-10-16英語說話力 321 Wish me luck! 祝我好運!

          321 Wish me luck! 祝我好運!示例A:Are you ready?B:Yes, wish me luck!A:準備好了啊?B:是的,祝我好運。A:Wish me luck... [查看全文]

          2019-10-16英語說話力 320 Why torture yourself? 你這是何苦呢?

          320 Why torture yourself? 你這是何苦呢?示例A:Why torture yourself?B:Well, I don't know what else I can do.A:你這... [查看全文]

          2019-10-16英語說話力 319 Why so mysterious? 為何神秘兮兮的?

          319 Why so mysterious? 為何神秘兮兮的?示例A:Why so mysterious?B:You will know later.A:為什么神秘兮兮的?B:等會就知道... [查看全文]

          2019-10-15英語說話力 318 Why didn't you say so? 為什么不早說?

          318 Why didn't you say so? 為什么不早說?示例A:I can't eat shrimp because I am allergic to it.B:Why didn't you... [查看全文]