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          2019-09-14英語四級閱讀練習附答案-200 金幣的保值性

            Nearly everyone agrees that money doesn&#39;t buy as much as it used to, no matter where you want to spend... [查看全文]

          2019-09-13英語四級閱讀練習附答案-199 個體經濟單位重要性

            There are various ways in which individual economic units can interact with one another. These basic ways may... [查看全文]

          2019-09-13英語四級閱讀練習附答案-198 土地的廣泛使用

            Using Land Wisely  A very important world problem, —in fact I am inclined to say it is the most important... [查看全文]

          2019-09-12英語四級閱讀練習附答案-197 核能發電的發展

            In the early days of nuclear power, the United States make money on it. But today opponents (反對者 ) have... [查看全文]

          2019-09-12英語四級閱讀練習附答案-196 壓力

            As the 11 of life continues to increase, we are fast losing the art of relaxation. Once you are in habit ... [查看全文]

          2019-09-11英語四級閱讀練習附答案-195 人工降雨

            Rainmaking  The idea of rainmaking is almost as old as man, but it was not until 1946 that man succeeded ... [查看全文]

          2019-09-11英語四級閱讀練習附答案-194 英國警察的綽號

            The English policeman has several nicknames ( 綽號 ) but the most frequently used are "copper" and "bobby". ... [查看全文]

          2019-09-10英語四級閱讀練習附答案-193 生活中三種疲勞

            Three Kinds of Fatigue  Fatigue is one of the most common complaints brought to doctors, friends, and relati... [查看全文]

          2019-09-10英語四級閱讀練習附答案-192 如何處理困難

            How to Deal With Difficult People  In New York City one day, a businesswoman got into a taxi. Because it ... [查看全文]

          2019-09-09英語四級閱讀練習附答案-191 抑郁癥

            When a person feels low, blue, or down in the clumps, it usually means he has been hurt, disappointed, or ... [查看全文]