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          2019-10-16雙語對照 ● 遲到的情書 The Love Letter

          ■ 遲到的情書 The Love Letter◎ Any JoystiqI was always a little in awe of Great-aunt Stephina Roos. Indeed, as... [查看全文]

          2019-10-16雙語對照 ● 追憶似水年華 Hanover Square

          ■ 追憶似水年華 Hanover Square◎ Marcel ProustCan it really be sixty-two years ago that I first saw you?難道我們的... [查看全文]

          2019-10-16雙語對照 ● 羅素論愛 Russell on Affection

          ■ 羅素論愛 Russell on Affection◎ RussellThe best type of affection is reciprocally[100] life-giving; each receives... [查看全文]

          2019-10-15雙語對照 ● 蝶吻 Butterfly Kisses

          ■ 蝶吻 Butterfly Kisses◎ Ronit BarasMy newlywed husband said the same thing every morning, “You’re beautiful t... [查看全文]

          2019-10-15雙語對照 ● 幸福之道 The Road to Happiness

          ■ 幸福之道 The Road to Happiness◎ Bertrand RussellIt is a commonplace among moralists that you cannot get happi... [查看全文]

          2019-10-15雙語對照 ● 真愛 True Love

          ■ 真愛 True Love◎ Julie ParkerAn ancient Hebraic text says: “love is as strong as death”. It seems that not... [查看全文]

          2019-10-14雙語對照 ● 倘若鳥兒回還 If It Comes Back

          ■ 倘若鳥兒回還 If It Comes Back◎ Charle EastmanCharles saw them both at the same time: a small white bird and... [查看全文]

          2019-10-14雙語對照 ● 愛情與時間 Love and Time

          ■ 愛情與時間 Love and Time◎ Tom FarleyOnce upon a time, there was an island where all the feelings lived: Hap... [查看全文]

          2019-10-14雙語對照 ● 為愛不分手 Never Say Goodbye

          ■ 為愛不分手 Never Say Goodbye◎ Crystal KanoneIf I could take this moment forever,如果我可以永遠擁有這一刻,Turn th... [查看全文]

          2019-10-13雙語對照 ● 咸咖啡 Salty Coffee

          ■ 咸咖啡 Salty Coffee◎ Trinity BluceHe met her at a party. She was outstanding, many guys were after her; but... [查看全文]