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          2019-10-21雙語語言笑話:913 It's easier just to be Ed 還是叫艾德比較方便

          英語笑話913 It's easier just to be Ed 還是叫艾德比較方便After one of the machines at work suddenly went on the f... [查看全文]

          2019-10-20雙語語言笑話:912 E-mail from Another Country 從另一個國家發來的電子郵件

          英語笑話912 E-mail from Another Country 從另一個國家發來的電子郵件Our government always struck me as having many laye... [查看全文]

          2019-10-20雙語語言笑話:911 A One-word Telegraph 一個字的電報

          英語笑話911 A One-word Telegraph 一個字的電報A blonde and a brunette are running a ranch together in Louisiana. Th... [查看全文]

          2019-10-20雙語語言笑話:910 Zero Malley, sir 報告長官,零矛利

          英語笑話910 Zero Malley, sir 報告長官,零矛利One day in artillery instruction, a colonel came to inspect our class.... [查看全文]

          2019-10-19雙語語言笑話:909 Military Intelligence 軍事情報部

          英語笑話909 Military Intelligence 軍事情報部My job is to give service members and their families tours of the demi... [查看全文]

          2019-10-19雙語語言笑話:908 Poles and Holes 波蘭人和荷蘭人

          英語笑話908 Poles and Holes 波蘭人和荷蘭人If people from Poland are called Poles, why aren't people from Holland c... [查看全文]

          2019-10-19雙語語言笑話:907 That's why we ask 這就是為什么我們要問

          英語笑話907 That's why we ask 這就是為什么我們要問I was at the airport, checking in at the gate, when the airport... [查看全文]

          2019-10-18雙語語言笑話:906 Which way was it headed? 它往哪個方向去了?

          英語笑話906 Which way was it headed? 它往哪個方向去了?A stuffy matron is with a new man in a top restaurant. Th... [查看全文]

          2019-10-18雙語語言笑話:905 I only bought a little pot 我只買了一個小瓦罐(一點大麻)

          英語笑話905 I only bought a little pot 我只買了一個小瓦罐(一點大麻)Finishing up our work at a trade show in San... [查看全文]

          2019-10-18雙語黑色笑話:904 Hole in One 一桿進洞

          英語笑話904 Hole in One 一桿進洞When a nearby golf supply store went under, the only evidence it had existed was... [查看全文]